Part of our History: Little Sisters of Jesus in Libya

Sadly because of a terrible road accident in which two Little sisters and a neighbour died and a third Little sister is in hospital in France the community in Tripoli has closed.

The Little Sisters only recently had written how despite cultural changes, ever since the foundation in 1957, friendship has been their strength. The direction of the Community was not lost in the sand above all because of the strength of friendship received from their Libyan friends and others who have come to work in the country.

As Louis Massignon wrote: ‘to understand the other, do not take them over but rather become their guest.’

"We would like to bear witness to the fact that for 50 years we have been received as guests and that we ourselves have tried to journey along the path of interfaith dialogue which is a road to peace.

Cardinal Bertone said recently: ‘Dialogue is not a matter of choice, it is a vital necessity. We must all play our part. It is a commitment to build peace and to promote human rights.’

What above all is important for us is to be constantly open to dialogue and to sharing and to rejoice in our differences."

Making pillows in TripoliMaking pillows in Tripoli