Sharing the life of those who are on the fringes and without power

We want to belong to the world of the poor to the world of the less privileged, those who find themselves on the fringes of society.

We try and share the same living and working conditions as our friends:

At a fruit sorting depotAt a fruit sorting depot

  • in housing projects,
  • inner-city neighbourhoods or
  • rural areas,
  • working in factories or
  • doing any low paid manual work.

Our life-long call

is a non-professional one:

  • to be a presence
  • of friendship and of prayer.
"Your vocation is to be a leaven in the dough, plunged into the midst of the world. Do not let yourself be cut off from it. Be careful not to set up a barrier between the rest of the world and yourself." -Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus