Love Jesus to the point of folly

"You will love Jesus with a measureless love,

a love to the point of folly.
This kind of love has an urgent need:
  • to be like the Beloved;
  • to resemble him;
  • you will strive to walk in his footsteps;
  • to follow him along his earthly journey.

You will strive to live with your eyes and heart fixed onJesus

with an inner attitude that will lead, little by little, to great intimacy with him. And he will continue to become more and more

  • the centre of your life and
  • the passion of your heart.

Jesus, the one and only Model

We forget to look at Jesus, the one and only Model:

  • who became flesh so we could follow him
  • and imitate him
  • to the point of doing the same things he did
  • in the folly of love.

May you put every one of his words into action

otherwise your enthusiasm, however well-intentioned, will be hollow and empty."
- Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus