A passion for Unity

Jesus gave his life:

to gather into unity all the scattered children of God.

Handing over their lives to the Spirit of love means that the Little Sisters will make loving all people as their brothers and sisters the work of their whole life.
They will work to foster a more respectful, more all-inclusive love that alone is capable of uniting all people as brothers and sisters in Christ.

It will be their firm conviction that living together as a community is, of itself, a mission and a sign of the kingdom of God.

Serious miscarriages of justice

I became aware of so many layers of misunderstanding
  • between social classes,
  • of hatred between nations,
  • of disdain between races and as a consequence, of serious miscarriages of justice and of the love of Christ.
All that made me suffer cruelly. For so long I have had such a thirst for unity."
- Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus