'Au Coeur des Masses' and new developments

Fr. René Voillaume LBJFr. René Voillaume LBJ

In 1950, Father Voillaume published Au Coeur des Masses [= Seeds of the Desert]. This book described the life of the Little Brothers of Jesus, and their way of following Charles de Foucauld and their understanding of his message. Because there was a need to explain what appeared at the time as a novelty, he stressed the vocation of every Christian to a life of friendship with God, and the paths to take in order to lead a contemplative life "at the heart of the world".

This book had considerable influence, and has been translated into many languages. It was through this book that many people came to know Charles de Foucauld and his spirituality. Father Voillaume also acted as an adviser to the groups that appeared at this time.