The First Groups

When Bazin's book was published, lay people were the first to hear the call Charles de Foucauld had voiced repeatedly:

"We need Christians like Priscille and Aquila, doing good in silence."

Northern Africa

From 1923 onwards, Suzanne Garde began to think of a form of presence in Northern Africa:

"The evangelisation would be done by women. They would begin with a dispensary, a sewing workshop, and with everything that could make the Arabs appreciate us."

This was the beginning of the Charles de Foucauld Group in Algeria, first in Tlemcen, then in El Bayad, then, after 1945, in Dalidah, near the Tunisian border.

It had to withdraw to France because the War of Independence, and in 1968, it based itself in Bon Encontre, near Agen (France).