Everybody thought the group would disappear

Louis Massignon, 1913Louis Massignon, 1913Everybody except one person, Louis Massignon (1882-1962), a specialist in Islamology, who was to gain an international reputation. He had first met Charles de Foucauld in 1909, and corresponded with him until his death. He did everything he could to keep the Union his "older brother" had intended alive. He published the Directory. He launched the Charles de Foucauld Association, for which he secured authorisation from Cardinal Amette.

Above all, he "requisitioned", to use his own word, René Bazin, to write a biography of Brother Charles. His book, which was published in 1921 under the title Charles de Foucauld, explorer in Morocco, hermit in the Sahara, was the first to draw a portrait of Charles de Foucauld and present the core of his message.

It was as a result of this biography that groups and congregations arose. They all found support and advice from the Association and from Massignon.