2016 Northern Ireland

Jocelyne, Caroline, Helene and JudithJocelyne, Caroline, Helene and Judith

In Northern Ireland our community is in Bishopscourt near Downpatrick on an ex-R.A.F. base.

The sufferings resulting from the conflict make people vulnerable in many different ways but in sharing and supporting one another new seeds of life are sown. The quality of relationships is enhanced through accepting difference and through the strength of living in truth.

Emiko working in the garden of Glebe HouseEmiko working in the garden of Glebe House

For the Little sisters this is a priority. They feel they are there to encourage every little seed that builds up community. They love to welcome all who come and have a trailer at the back of the house for times of retreat.

The Mustard Seed Community houseThe Mustard Seed Community house

The Little Sisters all take an active part in different community groups such as a local craft group and give support to new projects and ideas that bring people together. At the Mustard Seed House in Kilard many different little groups can meet or stay for a few days.

Mat Talbot groupMat Talbot group

The Mat Talbot group come regularly to pray and share and give each other the support of their friendship.

Mustard Seed SaleMustard Seed Sale

Everybody joins in preparing car-boot sales and jumble sales to raise money to keep going!

Helene is at home doing craft work and many other things besides! Many friends pop in for a chat and it is good to be there.

Every week she also goes to the Mustard Seed for the open day where a welcome and a cup of tea awaits anyone who calls.

Emiko goes to work at Glebe house, in Kileef by bike. It is a Centre allowing children from different backgrounds to enjoy a holiday.

She makes beds, cleans and also does a spot of gardening when there is time!

Jocelyne joined the community at the beginning of 2016 from Campo in France having also lived in South Africa. She had always dreamt of living in Ireland.

Our little chapel is the centreOur little chapel is the centre

Adoration of Jesus in the Eucharist each day and meditating on the word of God are at the heart of their life. Whether at work or sharing with their friends their secret is to live with Jesus and to try and bring his love to all.