Part of our History: Notes from my Diary, Copiapo:

I flew over the desert which has a very special beauty with colours that cannot be printed.

Copiapó, our little houseCopiapó, our little house

"The house is welcoming and very well kept, inside and out. It makes you want to be at home.Work in the house is not very gratifying because nobody sees it and yet it is at the service of all.

Packing at El CaneloPacking at El Canelo The Little sisters have done various factory jobs in the past. This time I went with Little Sister Donata to see the card making workshop. What four women can do in six years impressed me and that includes Little sister Donata! These women have grown. They have been helped economically, but above all humanly.

Having worked together for many years, doing really hard work in the vineyards, has made it easier for them to set up this project together."

With companions from workWith companions from work
Working in the vinyardWorking in the vinyard