Notes from my Diary, La Vittoria, Santiago

La Victoria, Marina at workLa Victoria, Marina at work

"I felt very small confronting the painful history of this neighbourhood and country. It is the neighbourhood that suffered the most at the time of the dictatorship.

What struck me the most was the ongoing struggle for a more dignified life and the solidarity among the people to be freed from oppression. The words that are inscribed in my memory are dignity, freedom, struggle and resistance in the face of the military dictatorship.

I have seen how the Little sisters were involved in all this. I also understand that at the time, the Church was very committed alongside the people. During the dictatorship, there was unity between the people and the Church. It is not the same now and there is disappointment

We are lucky to live in this neighbourhood, with its history, so much friendship and with many neighbours to listen to.

There are many questions with regards to the future: What is the mission of la Victoria today, using the gifts of each one? What are the needs of the neighbourhood and those of the Region?"

La VictoriaLa Victoria