The community of the Little sisters is in the working neighbourhood of Okpopo.

Little sister Caroline writes:

People see our presence among them as a blessing. When we came back after our annual retreat, one mama exclaimed: ‘our blessings are back’! Of course the real blessing is Jesus living in our midst! Our joy and hope is the generosity of people towards us, towards the priest and the Church enabling us to share with the poorest. Through this sharing, a deep relationship has been established. One of us works in the parish and this has given us an income to live on. I also do some sewing but as so many people sew I do not earn very much.

Little sister Celestina writes:

I started work at Christ the King parish in Onitsha as the cashier of the parish and also the bursar of the parish Nursery/Primary School in May, 2009. The work is very demanding and tedious but more important it creates opportunities for
meeting people. People come to book a Mass and at same time they share with me about their lives and their family life. One woman shared with me that she had a fibroid and a false prophet told her that she would die if she had an operation. She left the fibroid which grew very big.  I encouraged her to go for the operation despite the complications involved because of its size. All went well and she praised God to have helped her. We were so happy for her. Sometimes  I can help out through knowing the people and their concrete situations. There was a handicapped girl whose parents could not afford to pay her school fees so through the parish priest the girl was given a scholarship. When parents cannot pay the school fees of
their children in one payment, I try to arrange it so that they can pay monthly. Helping one another like this builds up strong bonds of friendship between us.

River Niger at OnitshaRiver Niger at Onitsha