What is at the heart of the vocation of the Little Brothers of Jesus?

The following is a summary from a recent process in which brothers sent in their views on the charism. It is surprising to see how, from varied milieus, experiences and very diverse expressions, some marks of this portrait come out everywhere with force.

  • Starting from the face of God revealed in Jesus of Nazareth and from the call to give our lives,
  • A commitment to a life rich in prayer and searching for the face of God in life and the people we meet every day;
  • A path followed with other brothers in a life of community and brotherhood which is attentive to each individual;
  • The wish to make those who have « no name » a close friend or brother by sharing their lives (depending on the context and the sensibilities, we express that by saying that we want to join those who are « in last place », or that we want to share people’s ordinary lives);
  • To love them gratuitously ;
    This word gratuitousness appears in the very heart of our vocation:
    It does not signify for us the refusal to get involved, nor the renouncing of fecundity, nor a refusal to share the convictions for why we live as we do.
    It means an all person approach, in the respect of the individual, not having plans for them nor on them, it is simply to show them love and to travel with them towards the Father of us all, in a relationship of non-authority, equality and reciprocity;
  • With a strong awareness that the Church has recognised us and bestowed on us this original and undoubtedly unique vocation: a contemplative religious community which is sent to live amongst people, not with a pastoral or social task, but « simply to be their brothers » (Constitutions and Norms C 94).