Part of our History, Among the Korokane Romanies from Kosovo

 Our site in Leto Our site in Leto

And the word was made flesh and made his home among us.' Jn 1.14.

We have been six months here in Crotone seeking to learn, to make friends, to understand and to be understood among this group of Romanies.

When we arrived on the site we were welcomed as always with open arms despite the fact of being 'foreigners'. Our neighbours come from Kossovo, and their language when speaking among themselves is Korokane-romany. They are of Muslim tradition.

We receive from them riches, joy and also at times a certain misunderstanding which we place at the feet of the infant Jesus, God's word among us, as the straw for his cradle.

At home, on the site at every occasion we love to dance. Their music and body rhythms express identity. It is a way of transmitting to the children their tradition. We weep, we laugh, we pray to the sound of music.

At home, on the site, we get up early in the morning to go to work, each one doing whatever can can: The little children go to school, some of the adults work in Italian families and most of the others go begging for money. We too with them take the bus to Crotone with our craft work.

At home, on the site, we spend a lot of time just sitting together..'besav', sitting together just to be together, to drink a good cup of coffee, talk or stay silent, outside during the summer or inside when it is cold.

At home, on the site, like the buds in spring new life bursts forth with vigour and vitality. In the last few months we have received from God four babies and another is on the way!.

For years now, at home, on our site which is about four miles from Crotone there has been talk of 'restructuring'. As time goes by promises change! There are plans to rebuild the site and do up the huts and even the Bishop came to meet everybody. Each one dreams that the 'sun will rise high in the sky and over the immensity of the sea!'

At home, on our site, we make bread. One day one of us made bread and without thinking traced a cross on it. Kimeta because of her religion would not eat it but declared:'Your bread was made with love, the love of God! There is only one God!'

The door of our hut received a stone. Now the window is decorated with brown tape. It looks like a spider...or else...a star...

A star points to the presence of God...the word who was made home, on our site.

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