Little Sister Magdeleine

19. Little sister of Jesus


Jesus must become the one passion of your life as he was for brother Charles.  read more »

18. A life with Jesus at the centre


With Jesus, Master of the Impossible, all they do must be centred on him.  read more »

17. One Model, Jesus Love

You will have only One model Jesus, Jesus-Caritas - Jesus-Love  read more »

16. The Eucharist and the Gospel


Magdeleine speaks here about the importance of the Eucharist in the lives of the little sisters and how the Gospel must become their constant reference.  read more »

15. The essence of prayer

In AfghanistanIn Afghanistan

Brother Charles writes: 'To pray is to think Of Jesus and love him. The more you love him the better you pray.'

 read more »

14. Jesus the greatest contemplative

Poland, at work in a kitchenPoland, at work in a kitchen

Jesus, the greatest contemplative, lived 33 years among his people, simply as one of them. He was God, that is true but he became man to show us the way.  read more »

13. Contemplative Vocation in everyday life

Vietnam HochiminvilleVietnam Hochiminville

You must bring your Contemplative Vocation into the midst of the everyday life of ordinary people.  read more »

12. The Vows

Rome, Tre Fontane, Preparing for final vowsRome, Tre Fontane, Preparing for final vows

The vows of poverty, chastity and obedience must never be an obstacle to loving all whose lives you share.  read more »

11. Love and Friendship

We are encouraged to develop our gifts reaching out to others in love and friendship, the heart of our vocation.  read more »

10. The human virtues

At the FairgroundAt the Fairground

Little sister Magdeleine invites the Little sisters not to set themselves apart from other people and to develop all the human virtues as a solid base for their religious life.  read more »