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Life and Spirituality - living the intuitions of Brother Charles

Which aspects of Brother Charles' life and intuitions interest you the most? Consider them here...  read more »

Working Life - in the footsteps of the Carpenter of Nazareth

Members of the spiritual family of Charles de Foucauld at work...  read more »

Life with...

Explore the variety of people with whom Foucauld communities live and work  read more »

The Vision of the Gospel that filled the mind and heart of Brother Charles

Brother IanBrother IanLeaflets of Brother Ian's textsLeaflets of Brother Ian's texts Downloadable texts of a series of talks given by Little Brother of Jesus, Ian Latham, to a group of priests in the Jesus Caritas fraternity. They present what the Gospel meant to Charles to Foucauld and how he came to discover his 'Nazareth' vocation.  read more »

What made me tick at 81?

Little sister Loide Claire, shares with us what makes her tick at 81...  read more »

Our Lady of the whole world

Our Lady of the whole world, give your Infant Jesus to all people.  read more »

From her we learn to bring to others the One who is the ultimate reason for our whole life.

All our vocation can be summed up in the word Unity

If I were told to define the mission of our community in a single word I would not hesitate for a single moment to cry: 'unity'.  read more »

A passion for Unity

Jesus gave his life:

to gather into unity all the scattered children of God.
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Love Jesus to the point of folly

You will love Jesus with a measureless love, a love to the point of folly.  read more »