Rome, Centre of Unity

1962 With Father Voillaume1962 With Father Voillaume

Letter to Father Voillaume, 27th April 1951.

While expressing her total fidelity towards the Holy Father, Little sister Magdeleine wants to bring before the Roman authorities her most daring ideas. In this context she writes to Father Voillaume about her desire for all the Little sisters to come to the heart of the Church to make final vows. As the community grows however, it is decided that although all the Little sisters come to Rome for a time of formation together, they will make their final commitment in their own countries so that their families and friends whose life they share, may attend.

Rome for the final vows… means a commitment made at the heart of the Church… it  is the expression of our total fidelity to the Holy Father…at a time when there is a danger of becoming independent and of deviating from the Church. It signifies our bond with the Church of Peter, when obediance to the Church is no longer popular, when everything is called into question… it expresses our humble fidelity and our filial love for him. In relation to the Church it is a guarantee that we do not want to be separated because we bring to the heart of Rome our most daring projects.

It is also a way of securing our unity among communities that are so widely dispersed. In ten year’s time, twenty year’s time, Little sisters from Papua, the Camerouns, Japan and the near East will meet together in Rome with their General and they will love each other all the more because they will know each other…

There are so many opportunities to break down barriers, that go against the rules. If we do go against them, it should be done in front of the Church, from which nothing should be disguised or hidden.