Small communities

At the present time, the brothers are around 250. They live in some 40 countries around the world, always in small family-size communities, like Jesus’ Nazareth family. Some brothers are ordained as priests to celebrate the Eucharist in their local ‘fraternities’. For Jesus’ Eucharistic presence is at the heart of their life and relationships.

The ‘Fraternity’ began in 1933, at El Abiodh, a Saharan oasis in Algeria. After some twelve years of a monastic life-style, the brothers began to form small communities more closely involved in the daily life and struggles of the poor, but with the same fundamental orientation. There was the same deep-rooted sense of adoration of the one true and living God, and of intercession for the world’s needs. But, in line with Charles de Foucauld’s ‘Nazareth’ intuition, the brothers now felt called to live this same Nazareth life as and where Jesus himself had done so.