Part of our History: Good news to share!

On the 8th September 2010 Little sisters Obianujunwa Eugenia Okezue and Nkechinyere Anastasia Okafor make their first profession in Awka.

Little sister Maureen the new Pro Regional recieves their vows and welcomes Uju and Nkechi into the Community.

Maureen receiving the vows of Little sisters Uju and Nkechi.Maureen receiving the vows of Little sisters Uju and Nkechi.

Little siter Uju writes:

'During my week of preparation for my first Commitment I discovered how it is God who chose me first, how he calls me to be a woman after his own heart. I refected on the story of King David who God loved and chose to be a man after his own heart. I want my life to mirror that of Jesus so that I may become a co-Saviour with him. I want to give my life for him but I am aware of the difficulties that lay ahead and I ask God to help me live a life of unity and love. I draw strength remembering his great love for me.'
Little sister Nkechi also shares with us:
'In the course of my journey I realized that for me to commit myself to God is not easy. I have to desire it, search for it, will it. During the course of my preparatory retreat I discovered the unconditional love of God in all his humility. He who is God humbled himself to visit me and love me where I am. I pray that I may love everybody as God loves me and say yes to him every day of my life.'

Families and friends all gathered for this wonderful occasion and thanked God for all his gifts to the Community.