Part of our history, Among the Tapirapé Indians

Marcos Xako’iapari, our great friend, the great spiritual leader of the Tapirap√© Indians died in March 2006. His people paid him tribute with much ritual singing and dancing asking that his spirit may take the right path and that he may not be afraid in his new life there where he would be.

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I don't have the strength any more

CdF face 1
Don't worry. I don't have the strength any more to kill myself working. When I do just a little bit more than my limit, I feel it straight away and I slow down. I put all I can into it, but it's far from being as much as I used to do. Besides, I'm so often interrupted by visits that I have plenty of unplanned relaxations.
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Near the end of his life

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Near the end of his life, Brother Charles said: I think that there is no passage of the Gospel that has made a deeper impression on me or changed my life more than this one: "Whatever you do to one of these little ones, you do it to me." If we think of it, that these are the words of Uncreated Truth, words from the mouth that said, "This is my body... this is my blood..." then how forcefully we are impelled to seek Jesus and love him in the "little ones".
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