Stories from Northern Ireland

Downpatrick Charity shopDownpatrick Charity shopLittle stories from Northern Ireland ‘Who welcomes Who? ‘The wealth of friendship’ ‘Seeds of hope’
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Hope and love

LSM 1985 face
"We must place ourselves firmly in an attitude of hope and love..."
Lettres, Vol 3 p249
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Part of our History: Little Sisters of Jesus the Palestinian Territories, Remembrance and hope

An ecumenical movement of committed lay-people from among the Palestinian community organized a prayer for peace on the 60th Anniversary of the State of Israel, under the title: 'Remembrance and hope'.  read more »

Little sisters of Jesus.The way forward at 50

Gertrude Veronika, the General superior of the Little sisters of Jesus shares a letter she received from a group of Little sisters in their 50's. From different countries in Europe, they met in Northern Ireland at Bishopscourt, near Downpatrick, to share on the challenges they face.  read more »

What is impossible for humans is possible for God

CdF old face
What is impossible for humans is possible for God: 'Caritas omnia sperat' - 'Love hopes for everything'. God loves and can do anything. God respects the freedom God gave to humankind but God does not hold back when freely giving graces. God's grace can be such that it overturns all obstacles and brings the calm after the storm. Let us know how to obtain powerful graces from the one who said: 'Ask and you shall receive' and 'When two or more of you are gathered in prayer, I am among you.'
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