Charles de Foucauld, Silent witness for Jesus, 'in the face of Islam'

Originally published as chapter 4 of Catholics in Interreligious Dialogue: Studies in Monasticism, Theology and Spirituality.

Published by Gracewing (2006) UK ISBN 0 85244 640 3, Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916): Silent witness for Jesus 'in the face of Islam',

Edited by Anthony O'Mahony and Peter Bowe, OSB  read more »

Our roots in a Muslim world

1939 Touggourt1939 Touggourt

After 50 years of presence in Norway, the Little sisters close their community. To celebrate and thank God for all the tiny seeds sown in the ground a long standing friend decided to organize a study day for lay people with the aim of exploring how the spirituality of Brother Charlesspeaks to the lay person in today’s world.  read more »

Love is stronger than tension and division

Pope John Paul II reflects on the call of Brother Charles regarding inter-religious dialogue...  read more »

Islam shook me deeply

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Islam shook me deeply. Seeing such faith, seeing people living in the continual presence of God, I came to glimpse something greater and more real than worldly occupations. I set about studying Islam and then the Bible.
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