This peace is the one your love gives

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What is this peace, different from that which the world gives? This peace is the one your love gives ... a peace greater than suffering, not a peace without war, but a peace in spite of war, during war, above war, the peace of the soul, having, through love, its whole life in heaven and thus enjoying the peace of heaven in spite of everything which may happen on earth around it and against it.
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The Gospel shows me

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The Gospel shows me that the first commandment is to love God with all my heart, and that it is necessary to do everything solely out of love. Everyone knows that the first result of love is imitation.
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Immerse yourself deeply among people

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Immerse yourself deeply among people by sharing their life, through friendship and love. Give yourself to them completely like Jesus who came to serve and not to be served; you too become one with them. Then you will be like leaven which must lose itself in the dough to make it rise.  read more »

I assure you, the world needs love

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I assure you, the world needs love. I want to love every person throughout the world. I want to scatter sparks of love to the four corners of the earth.  read more »

The man who turns religion into love

Ghardaia - Sahara
Beatification and Canonization
of the Servant of God
(Little Brother Charles of Jesus)
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All have a right to your love

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Did the Lord Jesus choose? Did he not offer his arms wide open to the nails of the cross so that no one might be excluded from his love, be that person the most selfish and most ungrateful of human beings or the hardest and most unjust of employers. The Lord Jesus suffered and died for all. In the name of his love, all, without exception, have a right to your love.
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Unity in love

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We must not content ourselves to speak of brotherly and sisterly love. We must speak of unity in love. I am more and more aware that it is the purest spirit of the Gospel, the pure spirit of Christ whose last message before dying, lovingly remembered and preserved as people's dying words often are, was: "May they be one as we are one, me in them and you in me, that they may be made perfect in unity."
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Your love must grow

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Your love must grow, become sensitive and respectful. It is easy to find people who love generously but people who love with sensitivity and respect for each individual person are rare. The Lord's own countenance is in every person.
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