Little Sisters of Jesus: Our Life and Spirituality

Little Sister MagdeleineLittle Sister Magdeleine The Little Sisters of Jesus were founded in 1939 by a French woman, Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus, who had read the life and writings of Brother Charles. Like him, she wanted to be a disciple of Jesus by witnessing to God's great love for all people by "proclaiming the Gospel with her whole life."  read more »

From Pope John Paul II, Address for the 50th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Little Sisters.1989

1985 with Pope John Paul1985 with Pope John Paul

I truly have it in my heart to underline and really encourage certain essential aspects of your religious life. In your Constitutions your religious consecration is defined as an existence lived out in ordinary life, following the example of Brother Charles who was himself overwhelmed by the mystery of Bethlehem and Nazareth.  read more »

Nazareth with my Bagyeli friends in Ngovayang, Cameroon

Bagyeli childBagyeli child

'Sometimes the Lord allows us to discover hidden treasures, which belonging to everyone should be shared so that together we can give thanks to God. I have lived in Ngovayang nearly four years and want to share with you my discoveries about the way of Jesus of Nazareth.'  read more »

Nazareth, a treasure buried in a field

Marc put these notes to paper following a 'presentation' for the Brothers of Central Africa during their regional meeting in September 2007. He is very aware of always repeating some of the same things, but one has never finished 'ruminating' on certain themes that are dear to us...  read more »

Work at home

Gonez at homeGonez at home

For the first time I find myself staying at home to keep house. For me it means living another aspect of Nazareth: cooking, shopping, cleaning.  read more »

Nazareth and Brother Charles

Joseph Ratzinger Cardinal of MunichJoseph Ratzinger Cardinal of Munich

On the occasion of his 25th anniversary to the priesthood, in 1976, the future Pope Benedict, then Cardinal of Munich, wrote to his fellow priests about the importance of a renewed understanding of the ‘30 years’ that Jesus spent in Nazareth.  read more »

Our worldwide Church can neither grow or prosper if we allow it to ignore that its very roots lie hidden in the atmosphere of Nazareth.


The keyword is 'Nazareth' as a form of religious life: to seek God by taking the path that Jesus took, which was that of sharing ordinary, daily life.  read more »