The way of Nazareth

Jesus made ordinary daily life a meeting place with the Father.  read more »

Part of our History: My visit to Enugu

 Elizabeth in Enugu Elizabeth in Enugu

Elizabeth who is a member of the Lay community of Brother Charles in Hackney and was one of the delegates to their international meeting in Arusha, Tanzania, is just back from Enugu where she has family. She visited the Little sisters there and on her return shared her impressions and thoughts.  read more »

Our roots in a Muslim world

1939 Touggourt1939 Touggourt

After 50 years of presence in Norway, the Little sisters close their community. To celebrate and thank God for all the tiny seeds sown in the ground a long standing friend decided to organize a study day for lay people with the aim of exploring how the spirituality of Brother Charlesspeaks to the lay person in today’s world.  read more »

Samy seeks a Nazareth path.

Sam is attracted by the humility of Jesus and Jesus as the man from Nazareth.
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Little Sisters of Jesus in Cuba, Our two Communities

The first community of the Little sisters in Cuba opened in 1956.A young woman from the country joined the community in Europe and prepared the way.

We are now in three different areas:  read more »

Come and See: Becoming a Little Sister of Jesus

Does the life of little sisters of Jesus interest you?...  read more »

Nazareth yesterday, today and tomorrow

Little Sister Iris Mary gave this talk in October 2003 at the 50th anniversary celebration of the foundation of the Little Sisters of Jesus in England.  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in India: 'Bethlehem' and 'Nazareth' in daily life.

Bethlehem and Nazareth are more than a spirituality they are a way of life.

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It is love that should recollect you in me

CdF face 1
It is love that should recollect you in me interiorly and not being far from my children. See me in them, like me at Nazareth live close to them, lost in God.
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I should imitate the hidden life

CdF old face
I did not feel that I was called to imitate Jesus in his public life and preaching, but understood that I should imitate the hidden life of the humble and poor workman of Nazareth.
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