The keyword is 'Nazareth' as a form of religious life: to seek God by taking the path that Jesus took, which was that of sharing ordinary, daily life.  read more »

Our roots in a Muslim world

1939 Touggourt1939 Touggourt

After 50 years of presence in Norway, the Little sisters close their community. To celebrate and thank God for all the tiny seeds sown in the ground a long standing friend decided to organize a study day for lay people with the aim of exploring how the spirituality of Brother Charlesspeaks to the lay person in today’s world.  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in Cuba, Our two Communities

The first community of the Little sisters in Cuba opened in 1956.A young woman from the country joined the community in Europe and prepared the way.

We are now in three different areas:  read more »

Nazareth yesterday, today and tomorrow

Little Sister Iris Mary gave this talk in October 2003 at the 50th anniversary celebration of the foundation of the Little Sisters of Jesus in England.  read more »

Little Sisters of Jesus in India: 'Bethlehem' and 'Nazareth' in daily life.

Bethlehem and Nazareth are more than a spirituality they are a way of life.

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Cultivate the human virtues

LSM 1985 face
Being a good Christian is more important than being a nun. We must cultivate the human virtues of hospitality and love to the highest possible decree and then add to them the virtues of the religious life.
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The life I have been searching for

CdF old face
I was thirsting to lead at last the life I have been searching for these seven years, the life I glimpsed and guessed at when I walked the streets of Nazareth where Our Lords feet had trod, he the poor craftsman unnoticed in his lowliness and obscurity.
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Set up home as Jesus of Nazareth

CdF old face
Set up home as Jesus of Nazareth, obscurely, poorly, humbly with hard work. Imitate as closely as possible the humble and hidden existence of the Divine Worker of Nazareth, living solely from the work of your hands.
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My life goes on exactly the same way

CdF face 1
My life goes on exactly the same way. It is more and more secluded and silent, more and more hidden and lost to view. I am delighted to see myself becoming invisible.
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A holiness which is human

LSM 1985 face
I would like to pass on to my little sisters the important ideal of a holiness which is human. I want them to fix their eyes and their heart on the life of Jesus which was so simple, so that they can get the taste for the extraordinary out of their minds forever, unless, of course, it's a taste for the extraordinarily simple. Then, onto this humanity, we must graft divine love, a love without measure.
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