Little Sisters of Jesus

Little Sisters of Jesus in Japan, 'To live together'

Please pray for the people of Japan at this time...

Photo album: Little sisters of Jesus, India

Here are photographs of India and members of the fraternities and their friends there...

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It is Christmas-From Jo

Dear friends, I was struck recently by a phrase I read about the beatitudes: how Jesus calls us “blessed” right in the “basement of our grief.”  read more »

Catharine, Covid and Chrysalis's

Peacock butterflyPeacock butterflyCatharine shares about how she lives in lockdown from her 13th storey flat in Hackney.
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Katrina, Covid and Reaching Out

Perhaps it is a little unexpected to talk about the internet and social media when thinking about how this time of Covid and Lockdown has “helped”, changed or deepened something in my life...but in fact I can’t get away from the fact that this is actually what has happened...As the lockdown progressed last year I began to realise just how many people were turning toSocial Media to help them live this time of uncertainty , fear and isolation....I wondered if perhaps “now” was the time to do more in trying to reach out to others on this platform and to try and spread the spirituali  read more »

Canh, Covid and Hope

Canh shares her reflections on her need to trust in God and in his love for us especially when we are 'little' in his hand.
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New Barnsley in Belfast, Covid and New Life

emerging-daffodilsemerging-daffodilsReflection on how God’s creative energy cannot be tied down especially in a lockdown!  read more »

Claire, Covid and the Feast of the Presentation

Little sister Claire writes about her experience of moving into St Anne's home, Stoke Newington, at the beginning of the Lockdown
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