Little Sisters of Jesus

Little Sisters of Jesus in Cuba, Our two Communities

The first community of the Little sisters in Cuba opened in 1956.A young woman from the country joined the community in Europe and prepared the way.

We are now in three different areas:  read more »

Steps in the life of the Little Sisters of Jesus

Tre Fontane, 70th AnniversaryTre Fontane, 70th Anniversary

The first step is just to come and to share our life without any commitment. According to what is possible for each one it can be helpful to come first for a weekend or a short stay just to get to know each other.  read more »

Come and See: Becoming a Little Sister of Jesus

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LSJ Articles

Articles by, or about, the Little Sisters of Jesus...  read more »

How can we nourish hope?

Our communities are often situated in inner–city slum neighbourhoods. How can we nourish hope and give support to each other when confronted each day with the violence around us?  read more »

Christ’s passion for humanity

We want to be there where human brokenness hides the true face of God and with our whole life share Christ’s passion for humanity.  read more »

Choosing to be poor and to share

Choosing to be poor and to share is a way of handing over everything; my entire life into the hands of God and other people.  read more »

Our religious life is a response to Jesus call

Our religious life is a response to Jesus call to follow him from Bethlehem, to the Cross and the Resurrection. Our life is grafted onto Christ's.  read more »

The eucharist cannot be separated from the whole church community

The Eucharist cannot be separated from the Church community. Through our participation in the Eucharistic we are in communion with the whole Church, the Body of Christ.  read more »

God, ‘the Hidden One’

God, ‘the Hidden One’ in the Eucharist, is close to us in all we live. We want to bear witness to this Presence. ‘The kingdom of God is very near, it is in our midst.  read more »