Following Jesus

Pope Francis and Brother Charles, a question from Australia

On Saturday 3rd October at the Vigil of the Synod on the family Pope Francis speaks about Br Charles and the spirituality of Nazareth.

Pope Francis answers an Australian priest who asks him how to spread the good news in a secularized society.  read more »

Charles de Foucauld: On being a friend

Br Charles' hospitalityBr Charles' hospitalityFather Tony Philpot, a close friend of our community for many years and member of the Jesus-Caritas priests' fraternity, one of the groups in the spiritual family of Charles de Foucauld, shared some thoughts on the witness of Brother Charles to a group of little sisters gathered in Rome this year, for a time of renewal and prayer.
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From Jesus Caritas January 1960 Meditation on Faith

JC January 1960JC January 1960

Brother Charles's meditation on faith turns all our thinking upside down!  read more »

Charles de Foucauld, a witness to Jesus and his Gospel

Little sister Kathleen shares some insights into the life of Brother Charles. This talk was given in Montreal in 2016 as part of the centenary celebrations for Brother Charles.
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I cannot conceive of love

CdF face 1
I love our Lord and cannot bear to lead a life other than the one he led. I cannot conceive of love that does not include a need, a compelling need of resembling him and moulding my life on his.
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Imitation is inseparable from love

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Imitation is inseparable from love: it’s the secret of my life. I've lost my heart to this Jesus of Nazareth, crucified 1900 years ago, and I have spent my life trying to imitate him as best as my weakness allows.
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Being reduced to nothing

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Being reduced to nothing is the most powerful means we have of uniting ourselves to Jesus and of doing good to others.

God who is infinite, all powerful, has become man

CdF old face
God who is infinite, all powerful, has become man, the least of men. My way is always to seek the lowest place, to be as little as my master, to walk with him step by step as a faithful disciple. My way is to live with my God who lived this way all his life and who has given me such an example from his very birth.
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