Hearing the Gospel

Parallel Texts from Pope Francis and Brother Charles-A new pattern of life.[

And the Word of God, infused with the Holy Spirit, when it is received with an open heart, does not leave things as they were before: never. Something changes.
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A Way of Love-Learn about the Lay Fraternity of Brother Charles

An updated leaflet giving the main outline of the spirituality of members of the Lay Fraternity of Blessed Brother Charles of Jesus.
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Leaven in the Dough, Contemplative prayer in everyday life with Charles de Foucauld and Rene Voillaume

Fr Jose Recondo gives us first hand insight into the writings of Fr Rene Voillaume on contemplative prayer following Jesus of Nazareth.
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The Legacy of Charles de Foucauld

Site initiated in USA but with world wide links, news and information on the life and spirituality of blessed Charles de Foucauld.  read more »

From Jesus Caritas January 1960 Meditation on Faith

JC January 1960JC January 1960

Brother Charles's meditation on faith turns all our thinking upside down!  read more »

Cry the Gospel

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Whether our life be that of Nazareth, the Public Life or the Desert... it should cry the Gospel...  read more »

Islam shook me deeply

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Islam shook me deeply. Seeing such faith, seeing people living in the continual presence of God, I came to glimpse something greater and more real than worldly occupations. I set about studying Islam and then the Bible.
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The Gospel shows me

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The Gospel shows me that the first commandment is to love God with all my heart, and that it is necessary to do everything solely out of love. Everyone knows that the first result of love is imitation.
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