Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus

Considerate and respectful love

1949 Among travellers in France1949 Among travellers in France

The heart of the vocation is to love. It is to get rid of the illusion that one has always something to give to the other. It is to know how to receive especially from the 'poorest' in genuine friendship.  read more »

Pleas for Poverty, Third plea

1951 La Borgata Prenistina Rome1951 La Borgata Prenistina Rome

This third plea was presented to Pius XII on the 11 July 1948.  read more »

Pleas for Poverty, First plea

1940-1942 Talks all over France1940-1942 Talks all over France

This plea was submitted to Pius XII through the intermediary of Archbishop Montini, future Paul VI.

At this period no Congregation could be founded without guarantees of sufficient resources to support the life of the Sisters.  read more »

Our dearest desires and pleas for Poverty

1944 Rome1944 Rome

In 1944 on a memorial visit to Rome, Little sister Magdeleine presented the Congregation to Pius XII as Little Sisters 'of no importance at all.'

This document called 'Our dearest desires' was handed to the Pope on the 19th December after Little sister Magdeleine had read it out to him at her first audience.  read more »

25. With Mary your mother

'Always be a little child with your heavenly Mother.'  read more »

22. Look at the whole of Christ's life

To begin to understand the whole life of Christ we need to have the eyes and heart of a child  read more »

21. Look at the crib

Magdeleine invites us to take a longer look at the crib..  read more »