Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus

The Green Booklet

1946 Aix en Provence1946 Aix en Provence

Little sister Magdeleine wrote the Green booklet in September 1945.  read more »

6 - In memory of Rene Voillaume 1905 -2003, Brother Rene Voillaume and Little sister Magdeleine

Brother Rene and Little sister MagdeleineBrother Rene and Little sister Magdeleine

'Fifty years of close collaboration', is the title that Little Sister Annie, of the Little Sisters of Jesus, gave to the text that follows. What she wrote expresses the facts very well, but does not take account of the deep and reciprocal affection which, over this long period, linked Father Voillaume to the Little Sisters. This was also brought out into the light by the fraternal attention and female sensitivity with which they helped him during his last years. We will never be able to thank them sufficiently.  read more »

Writing the Constitutions

1957 Alltotting1957 Alltotting

Little sister Magdeleine wrote the first edition of the Constitutions during her noviciate with the White Sisters at St Charles, Birmandreis in 1939 at the request of the Apostolic Prefect of the Sahara, Bishop Nouet.  read more »

Unity in Love, at the heart of the vocation of the Little sisters of Jesus

India BangaloreIndia Bangalore

From the final chapter of the 'Green Booklet'

The rule of life of the Little Sisters of Jesus, the rule which is at the heart of their vocation, is the pursuit of Unity as willed by Christ, who died to gather together the scattered children of God&. Jn 11:52  read more »

Little sister Magdeleine of Jesus, A short biography

'To cry the Gospel by your whole life means trying to live as Jesus lived, with the Gospel to give you light.  read more »

Resources available concerning Little Sister Magdeleine

1979 11 Tre fontane1979 11 Tre fontaneArticles, books, booklets, etc. about Little Sister Magdeleine.
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He took me by the hand, Little sister Magdeleine's diary

'In writing this narrative I shall try to describe in the simplest terms how god used me to do his work. My story can be summed up in a few words:' The Lord took me by the hand and blindly I followed.'

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All have a right to your love

LSM 1985 face
Did the Lord Jesus choose? Did he not offer his arms wide open to the nails of the cross so that no one might be excluded from his love, be that person the most selfish and most ungrateful of human beings or the hardest and most unjust of employers. The Lord Jesus suffered and died for all. In the name of his love, all, without exception, have a right to your love.
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