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Cardinal Joao BRAZ DE AVIZ meets the General Council of the Little sisters in Tre fontane

Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz, who holds the responsibility for the congragation for Religious, recently visited Tre fontane and shared these very inspiring words with the Little sisters and their council.  read more »

Letter to Maria Chiara from the Congregation of Religious after her nomination as Superior General

Letter from Joseph W. Tobin C.Ss.R, Secretary Archbishop, to Little sister Maria Chiara on the occasion of her nomination as General superior of the Little sisters of Jesus in September 2011.  read more »

From Pope John Paul II on a visit to Tre Fontane 1985

Tre fontane, visit of John Paul 11Tre fontane, visit of John Paul 11John Paul expresses the vocation of the Little sisters saying: 'It is an apostolate of friendship, which witnesses to the truth, to the reality of God — God who cannot be explained in human words.'
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From Pope Benedict, on the occasion of the Beatification of Brother Charles, November 13th 2005

Pope BenedictPope Benedict

'Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Let us give thanks for the witness borne by Charles de Foucauld. In his contemplative and hidden life in Nazareth, he discovered the truth about the humanity of Jesus and invites us to contemplate the mystery of the Incarnation; in this place he learned much about the Lord, whom he wanted to follow with humility and poverty.

He discovered that Jesus, who came to join us in our humanity, invites us to universal brotherhood, which he subsequently lived in the Sahara, and to love, of which Christ gave us the example.'  read more »

From Pope John Paul II, Address for the 50th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Little Sisters.1989

1985 with Pope John Paul1985 with Pope John Paul

I truly have it in my heart to underline and really encourage certain essential aspects of your religious life. In your Constitutions your religious consecration is defined as an existence lived out in ordinary life, following the example of Brother Charles who was himself overwhelmed by the mystery of Bethlehem and Nazareth.  read more »

From Pope John Paul II at a special audience, 1979

Pope Jean Paul II speaks about a double commitment: to fidelity to the way traced out by Brother Charles and fidelity to friendship with all those whose lives the Little sisters share.  read more »

From Pope Paul VI at a general audience,1977

1972  Audience with Paul V11972 Audience with Paul V1

Paul VI affirms the little sisters in their vocation to reach out to those who are far from the Church.  read more »