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From Pope Paul VI at a general audience, 1973

Paul VI visits Tre fontanePaul VI visits Tre fontane

Pope Paul VI recalls his visit to Tre fontane, and speaks of the importance of life commitment through religious profession, drawing on the love of Jesus.  read more »

From Pope Paul VI during his visit to Tre Fontane,1973

Paul VI visits Tre fontanePaul VI visits Tre fontane

Pope Paul VI tells the Little sisters: 'I have come to bring you the recognition of the Church, to tell you that the Church is truly happy about your existence, about your presence, happy for you to be what you are.'  read more »

From Pope Pius XII in an audiece at Castel Gandolfo, 1955

Algeria Serving tea to a Tuareg friendAlgeria Serving tea to a Tuareg friend

Pope Pius XII calls on the Little sisters to be above all a witness to love.  read more »

Extract from a meditation on the Eucharist in Lourdes, September 2008

Lourdes 12-15 sept 2008Lourdes 12-15 sept 2008

Pope Benedict prays the prayer of Br Charles at Lourdes during a meditation on the Eucharist.  read more »

Charles de Foucauld, the Mission in the desert of today

Cardinal KasperCardinal KasperAn interview with Cardinal Walter Kasper, on the mission of Brother Charles for today.
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Part of our history: Pope Benedict visits Istanbul

Bridge uniting Europe and Asia over the BosphorusBridge uniting Europe and Asia over the Bosphorus

This letter written from Turkey on the occasion of the visit of Benedict XVI to Istanbul presents a positive outlook for Ecumenism and inter-faith diologue'.  read more »

Nazareth and Brother Charles

Joseph Ratzinger Cardinal of MunichJoseph Ratzinger Cardinal of Munich

On the occasion of his 25th anniversary to the priesthood, in 1976, the future Pope Benedict, then Cardinal of Munich, wrote to his fellow priests about the importance of a renewed understanding of the ‘30 years’ that Jesus spent in Nazareth.  read more »

Our worldwide Church can neither grow or prosper if we allow it to ignore that its very roots lie hidden in the atmosphere of Nazareth.

Love is stronger than tension and division

Pope John Paul II reflects on the call of Brother Charles regarding inter-religious dialogue...  read more »

The man who turns religion into love

Ghardaia - Sahara
Beatification and Canonization
of the Servant of God
(Little Brother Charles of Jesus)
DIOCESAN PRIEST  read more »