The Unique Model

These pages were first published by R de Richemont, the executer of Father Huvelin's will. Bother Charles had written asking Father Huvelin to publish this booklet but he died before being able to do so.

Tamanghasset, by In Salah (Oasis of the Sahara)

20th April 1906

"Dear Father,

Eight or nine years ago, while I was in Nazareth,I sketched for myself a portrait of Our Lord Jesus Christ, based on sentences from the Holy Gospel. I have read it over and over again ever since and I love to keep this portrait before my eyes each day. When rereading it during Holy week I had the idea that this little booklet could be helpful for others. At first I rejected the idea as not in keeping with the way of Nazareth that I have chosen, a way of silence and humility. As the idea kept coming back I thought that the best would be to submit my idea to you. ... My only desire is to do the will of my one and only Beloved, Jesus."

Brother Charles of Jesus