Way of the Cross, Abridged version

Brother Charles' chapel in Beni-AbbesBrother Charles' chapel in Beni-Abbes

The sketches in this Way of the Cross were done by Charles de Foucauld for his chapel in Beni-Abbes. He drew them on pieces of plywood from packing cases.


The cross, your cross Jesus, is there before us, and we stand watching: watching with your mother; with John, John who truly loves you; with Mary Magdalen whom you have forgiven because of her great love for you.

We look on, as though from a distance, yet knowing that you are the Christ, our Saviour. We know that we shall come closer to you the more we believe and understand and the more we love. We do believe, Lord, but help our unbelief. We love you Lord but strengthen al our little efforts to love you more. Open our hearts and minds to your suffering, your agony and death. Show us the way to Life through you.