Work at home

Gonez at home, cooking!Gonez at home, cooking!

For the first time I find myself staying at home to keep house. For me it means living another aspect of Nazareth: cooking, shopping, cleaning. In my own way I weave relationships, following up on what was begun by all the Little Sisters who have lived here over the past 16 years.

Gones, Binky, ChenxinGones, Binky, Chenxin

When I went to work each day, I used to just greet people on the road. But now I can go and visit, and relationships grow deeper. In the process I am learning how to be a friend, a sister. A number of times it changes my day. I plan something, and the plan changes, and I pray, "Lord, you made the day for us all." It makes me more and more simple, available, flexible.