Writing the Constitutions

Little sister Magdeleine wrote the first edition of the Constitutions during her noviciate with the White Sisters at St Charles, Birmandreis in 1939 at the request of the Apostolic Prefect of the Sahara, Bishop Nouet.

All through her life she continued to update them so that they reflected the lived experiences of the Little sisters throughout the world. She carried them with her wherever she went and would work on them waiting for transport at the side of the road or wherever life took her.

She also included phrases from the Gospel and from the writings of the Church to illustrate her intuitions.

During the Chapter of 1981, the Congregation for Religious asked that the Constitutions be made into a more concise text. A group of Little sisters from different countries were named to work at this with Little sister Magdeleine.

However Bishop de Provencheres thought that the Little sisters should also receive the first work of Little sister Magdeleine, which would remain for them 'the Rule of Life'. It had been the work of a life time.

1983 Tre fontane Rome, Receiving the  Rule of Life1983 Tre fontane Rome, Receiving the Rule of Life