Nazareth yesterday, today and tomorrow

Charles de Foucauld and Nazareth

"My vocation is Nazareth", that is how Brother Charles sums up his vocation. In his long search he is irresistibly attracted by 'Jesus of Nazareth' and by "the lowest place" as he had heard in a sermon by his spiritual director. He is struck by a God who assumes our ordinary every day life, the life and work of a village family, such a life is often uneventful. It was precisely this hard, monotonous life that Brother Charles, with his affluent background and upbringing, found the most attractive.When he thinks later on of founding a community, there is no doubt that Nazareth would be the fundamental spirituality. His little brothers and sisters would be moulded into a 'Nazareth' people’, a religious community who would live in the simple conditions of everyday life, eating, sleeping, and working like the people, being housed in same conditions. For Charles de Foucauld, Nazareth is not just preparation for Jesus' public life, it was an important way of preaching the gospel. "My apostolate must be one of goodness". "Preach the gospel by my life rather than through words". This Nazareth can be lived anywhere. He leaves for the Sahara saying, "I am going there to live Nazareth". For Brother Charles "Nazareth becomes a model for Mission".