Nazareth yesterday, today and tomorrow

Where is Nazareth today

Ordinary life, meaning the daily life of a large majority of people has changed little throughout the ages. I have taken a few extracts from the diaries of Little Sisters describing some everyday situations:

Nazareth in prison

Some Little sisters have been allowed short stays in prison, mostly in Switzerland sharing in the life of prisoners. This is an extra-ordinary example of Nazareth, but one which clarifies what Nazareth is about. One little sister writes: "The most difficult moments are Christmas time, or when they receive bad news from their families, when the trial date, or release date draw near.This always sets into motion so much anxiety, fears for the future and if its because of frailty that she is there, that frailty is even more pronounced when she leaves. There is not much one can do, except be a friend and shout the Gospel by one's life".