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Nazareth: sharing with the sick

Today there are so many people with terminal sickness, aids, cancer, the reappearance of T.B, malaria. One little sister herself struck by cancer says: <"There is no hope of being a model patient. It is by our poverty, our frailty that we create relationships, bonds of communion that draw us into the great mystery of suffering. The sick person always waits, you wait for the doctor, for a medical test, wait for your medicines, you wait to find out if you will get better or what.

And then there is the terrible trauma of H.I.V/Aids, which on my African continent and on other continents ravages whole families,leaves orphans. In general in Africa there is a lot of compassion, but some live in such poor conditions. A family we know survives by collecting and selling bottles. They all go out everyday in the townships to collect bottles, and now some people from the centre of town have also started to collect bottles and bring them to these families".