Nazareth yesterday, today and tomorrow

Sticking together in Hackney!Sticking together in Hackney!

Nazareth in Hackney

Catherine in Hackney worked for Home Care doing cleaning, cooking and shopping for people who can no longer do it themselves. "Like many of my co-workers I try to make the best of the situation. Riding the wave each day brings me in touch with people. Each one has a long history of life and all are at particularly vulnerable stages of their lives."

George is 79 and he has been through war, worked as a bricklayer and remained with his sick wife for 57 years until she died. Life is lonely and he gets depressed but he looks after his window boxes, goes to the market and welcomes his grandchildren.

Suzan is Jewish and describes herself as somebody with a universal heart. In her small flat she has photos of her family and friends, pictures, ornaments, all telling a story. When the weather is bright she opens her window wide and calls to the children throwing them sweets.

Jane is 89. She worked hard all her life. Her husband died leaving her with 3 small children. She is lonely and gets angry too. "You won't leave me too,will you”?"