Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus and Nomadism

Nomads of the forest, the plains and the tundra

 1953 In the Amazon to be among the Tapirapé 1953 In the Amazon to be among the Tapirapé

Yet Little Sister Magdeleine also turned her eyes to those small groups of people that the world has a tendency to ignore and who are less accessible to evangelization because they are so scattered. These people live by hunting and gathering their food in the tropical forests or the savanna grasslands. It is extraordinary to note how Little Sister Magdeleine remembered each of them and that she experienced a real tenderness, full of respect.

In  Kenya among the Masai 2003 In Kenya among the Masai

Little by little her Little Sisters would share the life of the Bageili in southern Cameroon and the people of the forest in the Republic of Congo. They would go to live among the Tapirape Indians in the forests of Brazil, with the Eskimos in Alaska, with the Bushmen in the savannas of South Africa and Namibia and with the Aborigines of the Australian desert. And finally we find the Little Sisters among the Masai who lead a nomadic existence in Kenya with their herds of cattle. In the midst of all of these populations, the Little Sisters live offering friendship and sharing prayer. In each community there is a tent or hut chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is present.