Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus and Nomadism

1949 Gypsy caravan France1949 Gypsy caravan France

Among Gypsies and Travelling people

Little Sister Magdeleine had another dream. Since her childhood, she had been drawn by the Gypsies, to the point that her grandmother had told her, "You will end your days in a caravan."

With the agreement of Bishop de Provencheres, it was decided to begin a community on wheels. The first caravan was inaugurated at Saintes Maries de la Mer in May 1949. It included an oratory which the Gypsies called their "little church". The gypsy Little Sisters wearing their red veils participated in the first gypsy pilgrimage to Lourdes and to Rome.

The gypsy fraternities were to multiply. Little Groups began in the suburbs of Rome, in Pescara, Bologna, in the Netherlands, in Belgium and in Germany.

In Paris with  Romanies from Romania2006 In Paris with Romanies from Romania

Borders do not exist for travelling people from Eastern Europe and Romanies from former Yugoslavia. The Little Sisters had a caravan in Forbach, a town on the border between France and Germany which is a centre for the Manouche travellers, without mentioning other insertions as in Ireland and Chile.

A presence among these nomadic minorities, becomes a presence of the Church. It is also builds links of mutual understanding between these minorities and the rest of the population.