Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus and Nomadism

 Working in a circus USA 2005 Working in a circus USA

In the circus

It would take too long to relate in detail all the communities established among travelling people, yet a word must be said about the Little Sister's presence in Circuses.

In 1953, Little Sister Magdeleine wrote: "As strange as it may seem, I have long had a nagging desire, that of pentering the world of the circus. I have seen closely the hidden suffering of those who, day after day and all their life long, risk their lives in order to amuse the public. I was struck by the heavy and joyless atmosphere that reigns before the show." This project was presented to Bishop de Provencheres who gave his approval.. He wrote: "There is no other way of providing a Church presence there. This seems to be your mission. The most important thing is that the directors of the circus provide you with the means of leading a religious life." Some Little Sisters were hired by the Knie Circus in Switzerland.

2006 Circus Zalewski in Poland2006 Circus Zalewski in Poland

In the different circuses they work either in the kitchen, mend costumes or sell tickets. Communities working in circuses multiplied. Since 1971 two teams of Little Sisters have worked successively in different circuses that travel in Europe and even certain Eastern European countries. The desire to be present on another continent gave rise to the establishment of a team in the United States which has worked in four different circuses which cross the country from East to West, and even go up to Canada.