Little Sisters of Jesus in Cuba, Our two Communities

The first community of the Little sisters in Cuba opened in 1956. A young woman from the country joined the community in Europe and prepared the way. We are now in three different areas:

One in the centre of Havana in an old neighbourhood dating from colonial times where freed slaves came to live.

A second on the outskirts of Havana on a low income housing estate,

The Little sisters are planning to open a new community in Mariel, another city in the province of Pinar del Rio.

Since the revolution in 1959 and the sanctions imposed by the USA, the country has lived a time of great austerity.

The vitality of the people and their sense of humour enable them to face up to constant difficulties. A certain social equality gives everybody the possibility to receive free health care as well as the possibility to study.

Living in the countryside has enabled us through the years to share the condition of those working the land.

Mayte at workMayte at work Luisa at workLuisa at work

In Havana, in close contact with our neighbours both at work: sharing manual jobs and at home: keeping an open door, has built up strong ties of friendship.

To have a listening ear and be available at all times trying to sow seeds of hope while sharing life as it flowers and dies… This is our challenge each day.