Samy seeks a Nazareth path.

February 2018
I enjoyed visiting you very much as I discovered something new which touches me deeply. At work and even among my friends I experience a lot of competition, jostling to get to the top, of pushing others out. Why am I of value only if I buy a certain make of clothes or can speak about my latest holiday or meal out in an expensive restaurant?

How can I explain it to you? I am attracted by humility. When I read the life of Charles de Foucauld that is what spoke to me. He discovered Jesus not as a powerful king but as a servant, a lover of the ‘little ones’. Charles discovered Jesus in Nazareth, during those 30 hidden years of his life which became his identity. God became a workman in Nazareth a backwater village in Galilee.

I discover truth and beauty and genuineness in small things: during an encounter at the bus stop, in the joy of a child playing in the park. I feel my calling is to be one of those ‘little ones’ myself so loved by Jesus in the Gospel.