Our roots in a Muslim world

Little Sister Magdeleine in  El Abiodh 1967Little Sister Magdeleine in Touggourt 1967

For Little sister Magdeleine this kind of friendship is the preaching of the Gospel. It carries the message that the other is precious in my eyes and this is what God wants to say, ‘You are precious in my eyes and I love you’. 

Living among Muslim believers has formed us. We learn that we must let go of any desire to change the other person. We learn to recognize all the value of the other's faith, let oneself be in the presence of radical difference. It draws us into the mystery of God, I think, for God loves us without setting conditions, and has plans for us larger than the ones we project. God is greater than our religions. It makes us daring enough to believe that beyond everything that divides us and could stand as a barrier, we can meet one another as persons. When you experience friendship and mutual trust, and at the same time know that our religions aren't interchangeable and that neither we nor they are going to change to the path of the other, we find ourselves square at the heart of our own faith. We are believers together, and it takes on a humbler face and opens us to mutual respect. I often think that if our congregation had not been born in the heart of the Islamic world we might not have understood so well that our call was simply to live our lives and make of them a witness, without looking for any results.