Our roots in a Muslim world

A word about our little Church in North Africa. Submerged in a totally Muslim world, the Church is called to live fellowship, respecting the others without wanting to annex them. We believe that this gives meaning to staying in these countries even though there are political currents of Islam that are growing harsher. We believe it's worth the effort to offer our support to men and women of good will and try to help each other become more and more deeply human by recognizing our difference, respecting it, and appreciating our mutual riches as we work together to try to make the world a more hu man place.

Contemplative life is a presence given freely without trying to measure results. It's a way of trying to listen to the other person the way he or she is, not the way we wish they were. This kind of attention to the other is also the testimony to our Christian faith: love and listen. Our vocation corresponds to today's crisis for Islam, the challenge that Muslims face to humanize their faith. Our main task is to pray, and to believe in the efficacy of prayer and intercession, asking the Lord who holds all of history, to lead it to its true goal. If I can put it this way, God needs believers. Through our faith God can mould our world by moulding our hearts in the image of God's own heart. Our solidarity as human beings is the solidarity that unites Muslims and ourselves, as Moses was united with his people, turning earnestly to God in prayer.