Be still and know that I am God

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I think that it is good to speak of 'adoration'.  The word is a reminder in a world like ours where we are constantly solicited to bow before the gods that heighten our own sense of power.  The act of taking time to simply bow and sit before this mystery acknowledges in some small way the awesomeness of Jesus’ gift of himself that we are also called to enter into.  We let silence say what words cannot.  We also touch our own littleness and powerlessness.

When Jesus gathered his disciples in the upper room before his death it was such an ordinary thing.  He gathered with others for Passover to recall the goodness of God throughout history, how God had saved and blessed us.  On this night Jesus was also preparing to face his own death.  His betrayer was among those at table with him.  He said and did a lot of things that night.  He washed their feet and called them to love one another.  He gave himself as food to feed their lives and encouraged them to be strengthened by this food in order to serve and love others.  He told us to 'do this in memory of me.'   

I need time to take it in.  It is so unfathomable that Jesus would love us so much and would die with so much love.  I need time and I need to be silent to hear.  

I need time to simply welcome this love in my own heart, to hear it and let it heal me of my own sin and betrayals as well as from the wounds I have received.  I need time to bring before this mystery the things that I don't understand and especially the things that I cannot change.  I need time to understand and remember what Jesus said and did so that I can 'do' in memory of him.