Be still and know that I am God

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Just as Jesus, we are all called to contemplate the mystery of God from the context of the ordinary life that is ours.  There are times when the weight of the day can seem heavy.  My prayer can seem far from the contemplation that I imagine to be that of Jesus or de Foucauld or other great mystics.  On those days my prayer may simply be the physical prayer of being faithful to this time.  I think that this is no less prayer than the days when I seem more centered.  I also doubt that those more seemingly centered times would even happen if I didn't allow the habit of prayer to hew out that space and silence within me little by little.    

At that 'last' supper Jesus said that we would not be able to understand it all at once.  Little by little the Holy Spirit would lead us into the whole truth.  This, too, is why I sit in silence before the Blessed Sacrament.  I need time to savor and struggle with it calling on the help of the Holy Spirit.  Psalm 46 says, 'Be still and know that I am God.'  In the end I must keep silence in adoration before the God who loves us and is with us through it all.  I am reminded of Job who is reduced to silence at the end of too many words.  I bow and allow the Lord to gaze on me and on all the members of his body whom I carry with me. Rereading the stories of Jesus’ life in the light of the last of his many suppers brings those stories into a new focus.  There is a wonderful hymn that speaks about coming to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses and of meeting Jesus there.  It is very reminiscent of the love expressed in the Song of Songs.  Something of that love is also at the heart of adoration.  I imagine that this beloved is the Jesus of Easter who still bears the marks of the wounds and who understands everything. The refrain of the song ends with, 'And the joy we share as we tarry there, none other shall ever know.'  I think that adoration is simply a way of tarrying with the one we love.  It is good to be there.

Praying in the Oriental Rite in Lebanon Praying in the Oriental Rite in Lebanon